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Mary Bath Newton

5201 West 142nd St., • New York, NY 10031 • (555) 555-5555 •



Talented and accomplished Information Technology professional with extensive background in Systems and Network Engineering, Design, Support, and Installation.  Proven ability to design and implement large-scale network and systems infrastructures at the national and global levels.  International project management experience.  Able to liaison between technical and non-technical persons.  Adept at determining requirements, project scheduling, and technology planning.  Multiple certifications, including MCSE, CNA, A+, CCNA, and more.  Outstanding presentation and communication skills.



Technical Skills

Operating Systems:            Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Linux (Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE), BSD, FreeBSD, OS/2, Novell Netware, AIX, Solaris, AS400


Networking:                         LAN/WAN design and architecture, TCP/IP, Ethernet, IPX/SPX, ATM, fiber optics (OC3, OC12, OC48), T1/T3, web services, VPN, various protocols


Applications/Tools:             MS Office, Visio, Project, Clarify, Crystal Reports, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, SAP, MS Exchange, HP Openview, Checkpoint, Sidewinder, Raptor Systems, NMap, Airsnort, Spectrum NMS, Tivoli, Internet Scanner Software (ISS), ITA, ESM, Legato (Professional Backup, Full-time HA Cluster), NetObjects, Fluke Network Inspector, Unicenter TNG, Oracle 8, SA DNCS, Websphere Internet Server, Apache Web server, Legato Professional Backup, VINES, CTRIX, VNC


Hardware:                             PC / server assembly and repair, digital Headend Equipment, Divicom RTEs, Digital Satellite receivers, Terryon Cherry Pickers, IBM Midrange H50s, Cisco routers/switches/hubs, Bay hubs/routers, Marconi/Fore Systems ATM routers/switches, Xylan switches, IBM RS/6000, SpectraCom GPS Clock, 3COM hubs and Office Connect units, NetGear switches/hubs, Nortel and WorldCom telephony systems, Cabletron hubs, peripherals, Air Force IS Equipment, Spectrum analyzers and Cable Sniffer, QAM/QPSK Analyzers, DOCSIS 1.2 gear, MPEG analyzers, Sun Microsystems Enterprise and Blade Servers


Development Tools:             Java (embedded and standard), JavaScript, Perl scripting, ColdFusion, shell scripting (Borne and Korne shells), embedded code writing, Unicenter TNG, C/C++



Professional Experience

Scientific Atlanta, Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                              1998 – Present

Corporate Liaison / Field Engineer / Network Engineer / Project Coordinator

·         Plan, design, install, and support major server and network systems for clients in Japan, UK, Canada, South America, and the U.S.  Provide pre and post-sales support as needed for clients such as Time Warner, Comcast, UK Cable, and many others.  Carried out system administration.

·         Installed, configured, upgraded, and maintained digital cable headend systems, ATM switches and equipment, routers, switches, hubs, servers, fiber optic cabling, SONET rings, Wi-Fi, and more.  Supported Scientific Atlanta’s brand as well as Motorola, Pioneer, and many others.

·         Performed configuration and support of Solaris/UNIX-based Digital Network Control System (DNCS) and all interconnecting equipment.

·         Project Manager for international development and installation projects, creating systems supporting from 5,000 to 4.2 million users. 

·         Responsible for complete project life cycles, including requirements determination, technical planning, scheduling, design, implementation, testing, and post-implementation support.

·         Served as liaison between company and client technical and executive management teams.

·         Performed XOD/VOD integration and support for internal/external clients.  Maintained video servers of up to 3 million addressable multicast nodes.

·         Installed, configured, and supported broadband email, automated log emailing, interactive services, WAN systems, DNS, and IP networks.

·         Conducted in-house and client-site training, installed and supported equipment for international and domestic industry events.


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Doc Miller, New York, NY                                                                                                                      1990 – 2003

Independent Consultant

·         Provide system and network design, support, and administration for small, medium, and large companies in the U.S. and Canada.

·         Designed, installed, and supported 10,000-user Linux-based network for The World’s Imagined Network Systems, with capability of supporting more than 50,000 users.  Managed $750,000 project budget.  Integrated with legacy Solaris network. 

·         Built DB2 database and online shopping cart / catalog, developed multiple web sites, and created ISP network system for client.

·         Constructed and maintained ten production-level IIS servers, authored software standards for network and workstations, and configured / deployed MAN systems for wireless POP locations across North America.

·         Designed and implemented client’s wireless Internet security system.

·         Carried out administration of  Support Magic (SQL) server, integrated with Exchange, and converted system to HTML standards linked to UNIX SQL data server.


·         Installed workstations and upgraded Novell server for Lassiter & Wells Real Estate Appraisal.

·         Selected and purchased all software and hardware, integrated new systems into existing network.

·         Introduced WinProbe and Fax Server to allow capability of workstations to dial out to remote sites without multiple lines or modems.

·         Implemented Saber LAN Menu and Level I security layer.


·         Installed 15 Novell servers and 200 workstations for Gemini Accounting.  Integrated Windows 2000 servers and Linux SAN systems.  Configured Cisco routers.

·         Designed and implemented internal web pages for information purposes.


AeroTek Corporation, San Antonio, TX                                                                                                             1996 – 1998

Network Engineer, TRW Corporation (1997 – 1998)

·         Performed installation of the Combat Information Transport System (CITS) at U.S. Air Force sites in Europe and Asia and integrated into Air Force’s global network grid.

·         Installed and configured network management consoles, Sidewinder firewalls, and other hardware / software.

·         Served as Project Coordinator and Team Lead for multiple installation, on-site support, and system administrator training.

·         Developed and implemented security procedure improvements in several areas, formulated enhancements to account for non-military network traffic.

·         Configured and maintained routers and switches on dedicated OC48 links to additional bases, loops, and/or SONET rings.  Configured and maintained firewalls.  Incorporated features to accommodate foreseeable increased future traffic. 

·         Managed backup functions for all non-production servers and clients.  Installed new software to network servers and carried out testing procedures.

·         Carried out Sendmail configuration for System Administrators on BSD-based Sidewinder firewall.

·         Responsible for IP segmenting and network sub-netting.

·         Installed, supported, and trained users on Lotus Domino.

·         Planned, tested, and implemented first company-wide hardware and software audit.  Designed provisions for automatically maintaining audit on quarterly basis.


AIX Application Installer / Customer Support / Field Services, ENA, Inc. (1996 – 1997)

·         Key member of application testing team for AIX / Windows-based Enterprise 20/20 fault management system utilized by telephony systems and for equipment monitoring.

·         Installed, tested, configured, and supported product components, RS6000 machine, and 20/20 application at customer sites in the US and abroad.  Carried out troubleshooting of LAN/WAN and AIX software.

·         Assisted with debugging of 20/20, identifying and documenting errors and memory leaks in code, and supplying Sybase database support.

·         Performed administration of MS Exchange email system, and facilitated migration of over 3,000 users, at multiple locations, from Exchange to Lotus Notes.

·         Served as applications tester for in-house products, facilitating integration into production environment.

·         Integrated major client WAN systems with internal LAN.  Supported seven states.


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Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta, GA                                                                                      1995 – 1996

OS/2 Administrator, Centers for Disease Control

·         Provided support and administration for up to 1,500 end users.  Developed network software standards for OS/2 platform. 

·         Served as Technical Engineer for Statistics / Data Management division of CDC.

·         Oversaw installation and maintenance of OS/2-based machines in Novell environment.

·         Established OS/2 training for end users, and hardware training for technicians, involving usage, installation, and maintenance.



New York University

B.S. in Computer Science, Corporate Law minor, 1997


Daytona Beach Community College

A.A. in Business Administration, 1994


Licenses and Certifications

CCNA / CCDA (in progress)

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Novell CNA

Cisco CCNA


Fore Systems ATM LAN Engineer, Marconi Systems


Professional Development

Linux-based System Administration

Sun Solaris Administration

AIX Administration

Sun Enterprise Management and HA cluster

Clipper Report Writer - Basic and Advanced

Operating System (IBM / Microsoft) Proficiency

FDDI/CDDI and Cat 5 Cable Installation

SA Technical Institute (Headend, A&O, Advanced Trouble Shooting)

Imedia Operation (Divicom Headend)

OCE/OCLA (OS/2 and Warp Server)

Legato Full Time Clustering HA Management


Awards and Recognition

Outstanding Performance Award, 2002, Scientific Atlanta


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